When Sylvan Union School District experienced a major security breach, it was Datapath that they called for help.
“It was Day 2 and Datapath instantly came on board and put every emergency process into place to at least halt what was going on while we could get things fixed and repaired and brought up to speed to prevent it to continue,” said Debra Hendricks, who served as the District’s superintendent at the time.
Hendricks recalled the constant communication and planning they had with Datapath.
“Every time there was something that needed to be put into place, Datapath knew exactly what to do because they had researched it before the recommendation to the District, which not only saved us time, but it saved the District a lot of money,” Hendricks said.
Once the immediate threat was resolved, Datapath was there for the security audit and creating a plan to make sure the District’s data would remain secure from future threats. That multi-pronged response is what makes Datapath more than just a technology partner.
Datapath is a managed service and security provider based in Modesto. The company’s area of service includes internet technology and cybersecurity with a specific focus on K-12 school systems and financial security among medium to large businesses.
“For us it’s about relationship,” said Datapath co-founder James Bates, who started the company with his life-long friend David Darmstandler. “It’s about understanding the different needs of each company; mapping out what it is they need, scoping out their internal resources and creating a plan of action. We really know our stuff and can save you from a lot of pitfalls.”
Bates and Darmstandler took an entire year to develop their business plan and then launched in Modesto in 2005. Both grew up in Modesto, which was just one reason why they opted to base the company in their hometown.
“We saw how caring and relationship-based it was in the Valley, as opposed to the Bay Area and decided to elevate the tech game in the Valley,” Bates said.
Datapath focuses on three main solution-centered services – managed services, network security, and consulting.
Managed services are an all-in-one IT infrastructure support for organizations that need to supplement existing technical staff or completely outsource IT management. The services include strategic planning, which incorporates budget, project and growth planning; infrastructure management, which includes cloud servers, file storage, active directory, Microsoft applications and off-site replication; cloud management including servers and storage, networks and backups; and the help desk, which can offer support with application, device and end user support. It also includes services to assist with phone systems, archiving and disaster recovery.
Within network security, Datapath offers a multi-layer suite of managed security services that covers everything from prevention to detection to response and ending with education. They also offer enhances security options like two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and infrastructure management.
Lastly, the company offers consulting and project services. Datapath can facilitate and execute everything from disaster recovery audits to complete network refreshes to server migration and storage planning.
“We know how to execute it from start to finish,” Bates said. “We start with what is the outcome you want and what are your business requirements, then we start making a plan.”
For more information about Datapath, visit mydatapath.com or call 1-800-838-1488.