Great Wolf Lodge will open the doors to its $180 million Manteca resort on Saturday, Aug. 1.

The 95,000-square-foot indoor waterpark is kept heated at 84 degrees year round. The waterpark will include a variety of body slides, tube slides, raft rides, activity pools, and splash areas for all age groups. There will also be a “massive” outdoor resort swimming pool.

In announcing the opening date, Great Wolf also released details for a special discount up to 30 percent off standard rates for suites in their 500-room hotel for stays prior to Dec. 17, 2020. Suites must be reserved prior to Feb. 29 to qualify for the offer. You can book a suite by visiting or by calling 1-888-960-WOLF (9653) and using the promo code, GRAND.*

Standard rates for the Manteca Lodge start at $199.99 per night. Suites are available that accommodate up to eight guests. The one-night rate includes two days of access to the water park.

Great Wolf, after bookings have been made, is now making it possible for you to access the water park without booking a room. Based on rates on the Great Wolf Anaheim site, the day pass can range from $55 to $150 per person depending upon the day they are made available. Day passes are available online roughly two months out. If the hotel is booked solid or near that point, no passes are made available.

Great Wolf Lodge is offering 30 percent off standard rates for suites in their 500-room hotel for stays prior to Dec. 17, 2020.

Prices for day passes just like rooms and suites, varies from market to market.

The Manteca resort will also feature a 45,000-quare-foot indoor adventure park with attractions such as a ropes course, miniature, golf, bowling alley, arcade, and more. That area as well as six dining options will be accessible to the general public.

 “Great Wolf Lodge Northern California will provide a family resort experience like none other, where joy is around every corner and memories are waiting to be created,” said Murray Hennessy, chief executive officer for Great Wolf Resorts. “We’re excited to bring our latest and greatest attractions, dining and entertainment offerings to this new resort, so that families who may have visited our other resorts will discover new surprises at Great Wolf Lodge Northern California when we open this summer.”

Great Wolf, in providing a resort style experience, will provide 500 year-round jobs in Manteca — half of which will be fulltime — plus generate $2 million plus in room taxes to help pay for municipal services such as police and fire.  

The indoor waterpark resort model wouldn’t work if you could dump off your kids and leave them for the day as you could at Manteca Waterslides. It would devalue the resort experience that people are paying for that supports jobs and has people who are not from Manteca paying for the dollar equivalent of 14 police officers a year if all of the Great Wolf room tax collected was used by the city for that purpose. And in doing so it would make the business plan dicey if not impossible to succeed.