RIC MCGINNIS/209 Business Journal
Making a special certificate presentation at the ribbon cutting and grand opening for Vena’s Secrets in a new downtown location were, from left, City councilman Cal Campbell, Vice Mayor Darlene Barber-Martinez, owner Vena Pearson Hudgins and Mayor Richard O’Brien.


With a new location and a revised vision for Vena’s Skin Care Studio, owner Vena Pearson Hudgins will be running her business solo with the exception of a few other beauty professionals that will be appearing on occasion. Five years ago she moved into a building on Santa Fe Street in downtown Riverbank and deciding to stay in Riverbank, recently moved her business around the corner to 6622 Third Street. She plans to continue bringing the community advanced skin care treatments, beauty and health care.

“Thank you so much and welcome to Vena’s Secrets; it is a skin care studio,” said Hudgins at the ribbon cutting for the new location. “It is not just for one person, it is for all people and I make sure that it is all inclusive. It doesn’t matter: man, woman, teenager, doesn’t matter skin tone, skin color; it is for everybody.”

Hudgins expressed that she began this journey over 20 years ago as a single mom with a mission to educate people on skin care. She said she needed to show her kids that they could be successful no matter what their circumstances were so she became an esthetician.

“My dream was to find out what it took to bring everyone to the next level,” she said. “To teach everyone and to empower everyone on how to take care of their skin.”

Hudgins learned about advanced skin care in Canada and ever since has lectured and trained others on it. She said this is her fifth and final studio that she will own, with plans on retiring in three years. At the new location, there will be two beauty professionals including her daughter that will custom blend makeup for individuals at the studio and Marcy Villaverde, RN that will stop by once a moth to administer any injections like Botox or Juvederm.

There will not be a ‘menu of services’ because Hudgins wants to give each person a skin consultation and then together decide on the plan of action dependent on the individual’s specific needs.

“We will have the most cutting edge and most advanced not only treatments but also skin care products and you will also see nutritionals in here because honestly everyone’s beauty comes from the inside out,” stated Hudgins. “I always make sure that we bring service to the table. When you walk in you know that you are the most important person and when you walk out your opinion matters to me.”

Hudgins moved from a location on Santa Fe Street, noting she didn’t feel she was getting adequate response on a number of issues from an absentee landlord.

“I invested quite a bit of money redoing it (building on Santa Fe),” she expressed. “It was to my benefit in the end to find a place that worked better. That had an owner that was local that could see what was going on and that would be more of a partner because that is what it should be. When you rent a building, when you rent a space you are going into partnership with the owner.”

The Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted the event with CEO Christine Schweininger as the master of ceremonies. City of Riverbank Mayor Richard O’Brien, Vice Mayor Darlene Barber Martinez, and Councilmember Cal Campbell presented Hudgins with a certificate.

Russell Fowler represented Assemblymember Heath Flora’s office and presented Hudgins a certificate as did District Representative Melissa Santos for Congressman Josh Harder.

“The one thing I want the people of Riverbank to know is how much I appreciate them,” Hudgins said with a smile. “This city has been on my side 110 percent. The city officials, the city manager, I am the biggest cheerleader when it comes to the city of Riverbank. I absolutely love it.”

For more information and for a free skin consultation call 209-847-8700.