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Stuff and Things Art Studio Owner
Alise Frosceno celebrated the grand opening of her new studio with her family, including daughter Gwendolynn and husband Anthony.

The new Stuff and Things Art Studio had just that, stuff and things, like the assortment of arts and crafts, colorful walls with characters painted on them and a relaxed, fun, environment that welcomed the creative and those eager to learn.

Located at 3220 Santa Fe St., Suite C, in Riverbank, the recently held grand opening for the art studio had activities for all ages.

There was a paint wall where guests could take a balloon filled with paint and throw it at the wall to make a color splash. The roll up door was turned into a paint wall and you had to be sure to throw the balloon hard enough so that it splattered and didn’t bounce back.

“There is something so satisfying about creating art in a manner of which we are always told is ‘not’ okay … like throwing a water balloon, let alone a water balloon filled with paint indoors,” stated Alise Frosceno, owner and operator of the art studio.

With a mixed variety of artistic talents, Frosceno hit the downtown area and brought her love of art with her and also is excited to bring her studio to the area.

“Ever since I was a little girl I found peace and beauty in art,” said Frosceno. “I have always been fascinated with how someone can pick up one simple little object and turn it into this beautiful and grand piece of perfect art.”

After serving the country in the Army and the National Guard, Frosceno was ready to come back home and open her very own studio.

“We came upon our current space and I fell in love with the downtown area,” added Frosceno. “It was so quiet and beautiful. Downtown Riverbank has so much charm and love to offer. I walked up and down all of the streets and saw that in fact this area was up and coming. All it really needs is a little bit of love and attention from the community and some small business owners.”

Frosceno does not have a favorite type of art, but has a love for all mediums and styles and likes to try all of them. Currently she has been engaging in polymer clay creations and mixed medium paint.

“Every single type of art gives you a different form of satisfaction,” explained Frosceno. “As a direct result of this love for art and its healing capabilities I accumulated a lot of arts and crafts supplies. Daily, I would do crafts with my children, friends, family. It was really the only thing that we could all do together (despite the age range), have great conversation and interactions, and not pay an arm and a leg or driving two to three hours to get to the destination.”

With art supplies taking up all the storage in their home, Frosceno thought she would dabble in a few mobile events. This led to participation in the Oakdale National Night Out and the Funky Flea Market as well as a few impromptu events held at area parks.

“I started getting more and more requests to do birthday parties and other special events,” said Frosceno. “I realized I couldn’t keep up with all of the back and forth and I didn’t have enough room in my home for all of the prep that it required. So, I started looking for spaces until I found the one I am currently in.”

The studio is open during the day for Open Studio sessions where fellow artists can engage in creating whatever they want. There is a charge for the time spent at the studio but not the materials. The unique location has paintings that Frosceno did herself inside and out with a large tree and flowers on the outside and a sign that her family made. The tables were all hand painted and made from her creativity.

“People can create many different types of crafts, they can sketch, draw, paint, mold clay, make jewelry out of beads, etc.,” explained Frosceno. “We are an environmentally conscious art studio. This means we have an abundance of mixed media supplies. Cardboard, chalk, egg cartons, construction paper, paint, tin cans, fabric … the list goes on and on. We also do event rentals with guided crafts for all types of parties.”

Ages from two years old on up are welcome, but children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and there are age specific events as well.

Hours are 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Open Studio sessions are available for $15 for the day. She also does events and party rentals.

“I just really want this to be a place of enjoyment for everyone. Art is not something you are born with the talent to create,” she said. “It is something you love and cultivate. Anyone can create a beautiful piece of art. It just takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of heart.”

For more information, visit Stuff and Things Art Studio on Facebook or call 850-6061.