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Lathrop is considering a Tru by Hilton hotel.

There could be a new hotel on the horizon for Lathrop, if the Lathrop Planning Commission signs off on the proposal.

The commission is slated to consider a resolution approving a site plan review for Tru by Hilton — a 38,660 square-foot hotel in a 1.3-acre lot that will feature 79 rooms.

Located between Harlan Road and E. Louise Avenue and surrounding by existing commercial development, the four-story hotel would include rooms with 40 king-size beds, 32 double queen-size beds, four wheelchair-accessible king-size beds, and three wheelchair accessible double queen-size beds.

The hotel will also include a work zone, breakfast corner, dining area, game zone, lounge, a 447 square-foot fitness area and an outdoor patio.

The hotel would be the first Tru by Hilton hotel in California once it’s completed — a subsidiary of the hotel brand that caters to frequent and business travelers. While it’s the first in California, there are many under development throughout the country to cater to the business demographic.

Primary access to the site will be from Harlan Road, with an additional entry from Louise Avenue on the south. A connection will also be constructed between the Hampton in and the new Tru by Hilton location, providing easy pass-through for traffic and additional accessibility between the two businesses.

Hampton is also a brand under the Hilton umbrella of hotels.

With 79 rooms and four employees on shift at a time, the hotel should have a total of 83 parking spaces based on the city’s existing municipal code, but because of space constraints will fall eight short with only 75. Because the same chain what will be neighboring hotels, the city is requesting a reciprocal parking agreement to make up for the shortage, allowing for guests from either to use the shared parking facilities.

The rooms of the hotel will range in size from 222 square-feet for a standard king to 390 square-feet for a double queen spaced out over four stories. The building itself will be 45-feet tall, which is consistent with zoning in the Highway Commercial designation. The hotel that will neighbor it, the Hampton Inn, is 44-feet tall at the parapet. The primary colors for the building will be black, grey, off-white and blue.