By Paul Roupe

PAUL ROUPE/209 Business Journal
George Mauricio has expanded his Farmers Insurance operations in Turlock and is looking to add some experienced employees.

On March 1 of this year, two Farmers Insurance locations in Turlock merged, combining two client bases but also creating a vacuum in the employee base. The merger doubled the size of their agency, but now George Mauricio, owner of the location on Hawkeye Avenue, is looking to hire some help to handle the expansion.

As it stands, his office is desperately lacking in the number of agents they need to effectively handle the load.

That’s not to say he and his other agent Maribel can’t deal with the duties presented to them, but it would be nice to spread the responsibility around to quality individuals who are seeking a career with Farmers.

Mauricio wants to bring people in from the Turlock area to fill the positions, which means if he had his way there would be a total of eight employees in his office. Five of those would be full-time regulars in the branch as well as three outside sales representatives.

“Ideally, we’d like people who experience in the insurance industry, but those individuals are very hard to find, so they come at a premium. But if someone’s been in a career that they’re no longer happy with and they don’t mind helping customers on a day in, day out basis, and want to look into insurance, it’s not as boring as it seems,” he says, but adds that “it’s not for everybody.”

Mauricio himself joined Farmers after becoming disillusioned with 18 years in the retail industry. He was doing well, but his earning potential was always capped and dependent on the superiors above him. Corporations determine their employees’ worth, but what he likes about this business is that his worth is directly proportionate to the amount of energy he puts into it.

“I enjoy what I do,” says Mauricio. “I love to have the ability to help people with both their insurance needs and their financial service needs.”

And those are exactly the qualities he is looking for in his future employees. He wants them to be personable, organized, and genuinely concerned with the person rather than the paycheck.

But, that paycheck can be more rewarding than a traditional 9 to 5 job.

“When you’re in the insurance industry, you get your base hourly rate, plus you have the opportunity to make additional income based off of what you generate on a monthly basis,” says Mauricio. “If you have great month, you can double your income just by keeping yourself busy and making transactions.”

Mauricio himself is quite personable and friendly, which is exactly what you want when you’re hiring somebody to handle important things like life or health insurance.

Also, giving a stranger access to your personal information is a lot less stressful if you feel like you can trust them.

“The most valuable assets they have, their home, their cars, their family,” says Mauricio, forces agents like him to “know what we’re doing and that we’re properly protecting these folks.”

For now, though the Farmers location on North Olive merged with Mauricio’s, they’re not looking to move. They just need to fill out the Hawkeye office so they can grow internally while at the same time pumping some of that growth back into the local economy.