The California Employment Development Department announced recently that it has awarded $5 million in Veterans’ Employment-Related Assistance Program grants to 10 organizations to help veterans find civilian employment.

These grants will help fund job training, education and support services that lead to job opportunities for unemployed and underemployed veterans and include an emphasis on assisting the career advancement of women veterans.

“This funding will help nearly 1,100 unemployed and underemployed veterans find jobs and serve women veterans who face significant post-service employment challenges,” said EDD Director Patrick W. Henning. “EDD is proud to help our veterans in their transition to civilian careers.”

EDD awarded $500,000 to each organization in support of their employment assistance programs and required awardees to demonstrate the capability of offering employment assistance for women veterans that leads to career opportunities.

EDD also gave additional consideration to organizations in which at least 25 percent of participants are women veterans ages 35 to 44. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women veterans over age 35 have an unemployment rate five percent higher than male veterans of the same age. Women veterans are also statistically more likely to work in low-wage jobs, earn minimum wage and experience poverty.

The Veterans Employment-Related Assistance Program grants are provided through discretionary funds made available to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. in accordance with the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and are under the administration of EDD and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency.